STYLE GURU STYLE: Maximalist Capacity

A new year means that the big wide world of fashion is hungry for brand new trends—and to be honest, so am I. There are a ton of buzz words flying around the industry currently, predicting what looks are going to be a hit for the upcoming year. We have seen color hair melts taking over Instagram. We’ve also seen a Victorian revival creeping back into fashion with delicate ruffles dominating the runways.

There are two trends that have been catching my eye: minimalism and maximalism. Last year, minimalism became the pinnacle of chicness. Strong geometric patterns and limited color palettes became the formula for a perfect outfit. But this year, its counterpart—maximalism—is taking a turn in the driver’s seat. Maximalist fashion embraces large prints and bursts of bright and beautiful color.

The reason I am so drawn to this trend is because prints are an easy way to make your style unique. I personally feel the most confident when I wear patterns. Normally people are so afraid to jump out of their comfort zone of black and greys, so it makes my look stand out against the crowd.

It goes without saying that when I scrolled through alice + olivia’s pre-fall 2016 collection, I fell in love. Rich in warm tones like oranges and yellows, each piece in the collection was giving me ’70s vibes. Amazing wide leg jumpsuits covered in floral motifs and flowing, stripe-on-stripe separates are just a few of the looks that scream “Librarian Glamour.”

For my alice + olivia rendition, I wanted take all of these notes into account for my look. With true maximalist gusto, the focal point of my outfit is my bohemian-style, high-waist dress. I found this midi dress on Amazon, and it immediately reminded me of alice + olivia. A daring print sure to stop fashion-lovers in their tracks? Check. Orange and yellow accents consistent with the collection? Check. Potential stylish-librarian flair? Double check.

Most of the collection emphasizes the garments, so I limited my accessories to a cute pair of gold dangle earrings and a black Victoria’s Secret wristlet. As for shoes, I kept it simple with my patent leather oxfords from Forever21 to pull the whole look together.

I wouldn’t say I am the master of print yet, but studying alice + olivia’s 2016 pre-fall collection has definitely inspired me to explore mixing patterns this season. What new fashion trends are you going to add to your wardrobe this year?

Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Earrings. 3. Wristlet.