STYLE GURU STYLE: Marvelous Minimalism

For the past few runway seasons, fashion minimalism has been on the rise.  This simply polished way of dressing has been evident on multiple designer runways including one of my favorites, The Row. The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s designer label, epitomizes the essence of minimalist fashion. It’s resort 2016 runway show consisted of clean, often times monochromatic ensembles that utilize simple shapes in order to give off that understated elegance that we all secretly strive for.

Minimalist fashion is a trend that I consider to be highly attainable for the everyday man or woman. I love incorporating this trend into my wardrobe, and minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring! Experimenting with clean lines and simple geometric patterns can really elevate your personal style to another level. Complicated looks that incorporate too much of a seasonal trend can make you look like you are trying to hard or even can appear to resemble a costume. But minimalism allows you to stay on trend without going over-the-top. Whether it be an ankle length camel hair coat, a trendy matching set or a pair of leather sneakers, all are in and can amp up your personal style for the upcoming fall. And surprisingly this trend goes easier on your wallet than you may think. By investing in fewer, more simple pieces, you are able to spend less money because these few pieces lend you much more versatility.

Taking inspiration from runway shows like The Row, I took my look featuring minimalist fashion to one of the most casual and attainable places possible. I kept the color palette of my outfit simple, sticking with all neutral colors and a clean pop of basic denim. My simple stacked bracelets and menswear-inspired watch add a pop of personality to my otherwise simple look. I topped the ensemble off with my go-to white sneakers. Are you ready to embrace minimalism this upcoming fall?

Get My Look: 1. Denim shorts. 2. White sneakers. 3. Muscle T-shirt. 4. Menswear watch.