STYLE GURU STYLE: Loony For Jeremy Scott

March 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

Fashion is wearable art. Since the early 2000s, Jeremy Scott has been displaying his artwork on runways. Turning heads and causing a stir with his colorful and whimsical fashions, he is truly one of a kind. Forever a fan of fun and campy fashion, Scott has always easily been a favorite.

Scott’s ability to tap into retro themes brings a sense of nostalgia to anyone who watches his runways. For years, he has featured famous cartoon characters in his collections. In his recent fall 2016 collection, Cowboys and Poodles, Scott features the hilarious duo of Ren and Stimpy. Scott’s designs are multi-layered with ideas, including references from space, music and Salvador Dali.

Taking inspiration from Scott and his cartoon couture, I dressed this outfit around my Loony Tunes T-shirt. Since the collection had a rockabilly theme to it, I added my staple American Eagle Outfitters high-waisted black skinnies. My high-top Nikes in crazy cool metallic colors are a nod to Scott’s Space Age reference in Cowboys and Poodles. I added my varsity jacket to punch up the club kid street wear aspect that Scott is known for. Scott is known for experimenting with unconventional materials in his looks. I just had to rock my super rad Lisa Frank rainbow earrings, which are also erasers! Finally, I can never leave the house without a color on my lips. One of NYX new shades in their Soft Matte Lip Cream, Paris, was the perfect hot pink.

My goal for this look was to embody an alien from outer space who travels to earth, but her only information about the planet is from the ‘90s. Can someone get a hold of Mr. Scott for me to see if he approves?

Get My Look: 1. Any graphic cartoon T-shirt 2. Any high-wasted black skinnies. 3. High-top Nikes.