STYLE GURU STYLE: Let's Call a Char-treuse

The spring 2015 Céline ready-to-wear show really caught my eye when I saw the color scheme and the use of oversized articles of clothing. Although there were not many colors in the show, the few that are there are bold. I could really dig the different fabrics, textures and styles paired together. What I truly love is that it was an indecisive girl’s dream of wanting to wear a million different pieces that you feel may not go together, but then showed us how it’s done.

Today I decided to style my outfit around my perfectly imperfect Zara cardigan with leather accents. I saw that Philo used chartreuse in a few outfits and remembered there was a shirt in my closet that needed to make its debut. To complement the sleeves, I went for a leather skater skirt and my favorite pair of peep-toe booties. I threw on this scarf for the slight chill we Floridians get when we stand in the shade and kept my smile bright with a pop of pink. And we can’t forget this cuff!

This runway show allowed Phoebe Philo’s creativity to shine bright and prove that vulnerability is beautiful. She made me feel like each item worn was a certain piece of something that you are passionate about, then expressing yourself that way. Maybe your feather skirt with your leather peacoat shows that you are a fun-loving business woman. Your pair of flats might leave some people second-guessing how much fun you want to have, but then they see that bright orange bag of yours and never question it again. Like it was stated in the article, this runway is “work and play in one artful package.”

Get My Look: 1. An oversized cardigan. 2. A pop of pink. 3. And peep-toe booties.