Laces have been making a huge statement lately, and they’re not just used to tighten up tennis shoes anymore. Laces have been popping up on almost every type of shoe imaginable. Sandals, flats and my personal favorite type of shoe, heels, have all started donning laces. Designers have been sending models down the runway in this sassy footwear for several seasons now, and a multitude of celebs have been seen rocking them down red carpets and in their everyday lives. I am currently obsessing over the lace-up heels that Elie Saab used in his spring 2016 ready-to-wear show at Paris Fashion Week.

Saab uses several variations of the lace-up trend on styles like gladiator sandals and the classic black lace-up heels which are similar to the pair I am wearing with this outfit.The flowing, bright garments worn by star models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner contrast with the dramatic look of the lace-up heels, giving the collection a juxtaposition between whimsical and sophisticated.

I try to achieve the same impression Elie Saab made with his collection but with a bit of variation. Rather than bright and whimsical, I intend to contrast the easygoing elements of my clothing with the sophistication of my accessories. 

In my look, I am wearing relaxed (and insanely comfortable) boyfriend jeans and a chunky sweater coupled with my current infatuation—this killer pair of distinctive lace-up heels. Because most of my outfit is baggy and laid back, I make it edgier by adding my favorite accessory in the whole wide world, my Calvin Klein Color-block Satchel in black and burgundy. It is my go-to everyday purse that I am almost never seen without. The hard lines and shape of the bag paired with the unexpected sharpness of the lace-up heels add a sophistication to my slouchy outfit, taking it from nonchalant to chic.

Get My Look: 1. Boyfriend jeans. 2. Lace-up heels. 3. Handbag.