STYLE GURU STYLE: Keeping Up With The Classics

Adam Lippes gives us modern simplicity in each look created within his pre-fall 2015 collection. Lippes manages to give the majority of his minimalistic looks that irresistible charm. The collection as a whole is full of structured pieces with delicate details, such as lace-backed cardigans, pale pink velvet shorts and plush black coats. The colors are timeless and the pieces are the reinvented classic. Whether it’s the monochromatic pantsuit or a laced, blanketed midi dress the clothing in this collection is definitely meant for the modern woman.

I have an incontestable love for basic pieces and classic colors. They give your closet some longevity and your outfits consistency. This collection has stolen my heart when it comes to those features. The black and white combos sported in a couple of the looks within this show caught my eye and inspired me the most.

Today, I rocked a look inspired by the timelessness of the black and white pairings Lippes created in his pre-fall 2015 collection. One look in particular stood out to me compared to other looks. The plush coat, white button-up and skirt pairing was the perfect combination of softness and toughness. I purchased my almost identical lush black jacket last year and will continue to be a staple piece in many of my outfits like this one. I opted out of the traditional white button-up and went for a Peter Pan style top. I stuck true to the black skirt. Last but not least, to winter proof the outfit, I added a pair of sheer tights and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell forks boots (my favorite boots in the whole world).

At the end of the day I am completely happy with the way this look turned out. Classic and timeless will always be the way to go.

Get My Look: 1. The comfiest black coat. 2. The cutest Peter Pan shirt. 3. The perfect pair of boots.