During the summer I am constantly working out in order to get in shape for my preseason, which is scheduled for August. Life as a student-athlete is a lot harder than many people think. Most of the time my training and conditioning are focused around lots of running and yoga. Over the past two years I fell in love with hot yoga and I have noticed that it complements running quite well.

My inspiration for this week’s look was based on the Alexander McQueen spring 2016 menswear show. I gravitated towards a menswear show because men tend to wear comfortable and athletic clothing.

This show was perfect to find inspiration from. The trend I decided to replicate were the color pallet of this show. Just like Alexander McQueen, I added a pop of color to contrast from the blacks, blues, whites and gray. My color in this case was yellow. I also wanted to acknowledge that men and women’s styles can go hand in hand.

The Nike tank that I am wearing is a perfect example of the graphic tanks that were worn in the show. The sports bra that I am modeling is also a good example of black, white and gray color scheme that is used in Alexander McQueen’s show. My leggings are cropped blue pants just like many of the models wear in the show. Although McQueen did not add any accessories, I decided to add a personal touch and wear my Garmin watch with my running attire.

Looking to replicate my outfit? Head on over to your nearest athletic based clothing store. My favorite is Lululemon. Pick out your favorite pair of cropped leggings, running shoes and a graphic tank top. Add functional pieces like a watch and a headband to aid in a workout.

Get My Look: 1. Cropped leggings. 2. Running shoes. 3. Graphic tank top. 4. Watch.