STYLE GURU STYLE: Inspired Style

Do you ever just feel like your outfit looks blah, or it just doesn’t say much about your personal style? Well, I have. Working at a clothing store, you’re supposed to feel inspired, right? These past couple of weeks, I just haven’t had the energy or inspiration to add that certain spunk to my outfit, whether it’s lipstick or even a pair of shoes. Usually, when I have a specific outfit in mind, I try to look up ideas on what else I can add to make my outfit better.

A person who inspires me the most is Adam Selman, and I got the opportunity to meet him in person. He inspires me the most simply because he’s so unique when it comes to his designs. I would wear everything in his recent lines! I especially loved his spring 2015 ready-to-wear show. It’s just so perfect. Look number eight is what inspired my own look.

What was different about all of the looks was that the models wore white and black Converse; this is an example of what I mean when I say that Selman is unique when it comes to his style. Most of the time, you would assume that runway models would wear their tallest heels. The models also wore visor hats, which I have to include in my wardrobe now because they wore them so perfectly!

What inspired me the most with this particular show was the black dress, followed by the bright yellow cross-body bag. I switched it up a bit and added a sense of my own personal style. I am still including the black dress and I am also wearing a cross-body bag, but mine is red. Also, I am wearing my gold quarter strap platform sandals. These pieces together helped create my inspired outfit by the person who inspires me the most.

Get My Look: 1. Any black dress. 2. Platform sandals in any color. 3. A cross-body bag of any color you choose.