January 16th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is one of my favorite seasons and, if I’m being completely honest, I actually love when it gets cold. No I’m not crazy and love freezing to death, I just love being able to layer on as many winter styles and accessories as I want too (within reason, of course). Over the past few seasons, we’ve watched fall/winter fashion slowly evolve, with new interpretations of classic designs. My favorite evolution by far is the new spin on the classic trench coat. Traditionally, trench coats had a very simple and streamlined cut and were normally designed in a neutral palette; but in the past few seasons, we’ve seen oversized trench coats, pastel, embellished, etc.

One design house that has created its own adaptation of the traditional trench is Dior. I was so inspired by the Christian Dior pre-fall 2016 collection that I had to go out and find a coat like this one. The soft baby blue color seemed like the perfect pop of color for those cold and dreary winter days.

I decided to recreate this look to wear to my job as the editor of the Arts and Entertainment section of my school’s newspaper, The East Carolinian. When putting together this outfit, I decided that darker colors would contrast with the lighter, pastel blue color of the coat, so I opted for a white shirt. For anyone who doesn’t believe that white after Labor Day is a thing, I’m here to tell you that is is 100 percent a thing and you should try it out tomorrow. Next, I added on a few pieces of simple jewelry, like a layered necklace, watch and a bangle. I went with gold pieces because they stood out a little more than silver jewelry would have. Finally, I threw on a pair of embellished slip-on sneakers. Everyone should have a pair of slip-on sneakers in their wardrobe because they are as comfortable as they as chic, and who doesn’t love all of that?!

Get My Look: 1. Baby blue trench coat. 2. Embellished slip-on sneakers. 3. Marc Jacobs watch. 4. Gold bangle with detail.