STYLE GURU STYLE: I'm a Teenager and I Still Love Rainbows

Summer is the perfect time to let your inner Fashionista explore and play. During this time, it’s time to experiment using color in your ensemble to find out what is bold and what just doesn’t match. Valentino’s 2015 resort collection is a great place to start trying out this new trend. The designer featured brightly colored pieces—rainbow pieces! The collection also consisted of simple dresses with neutral tones and then rainbow and bold colored bags would be added for a final touch. A surprising rainbow twist on something so classic and timeless gives a look that is almost childlike and youthful.

I paired a classic off-the-shoulder striped top from Revolve Clothing with an origami skirt from Zara. This look alone is so elegant and classy that it works for any and every occasion. Also, I added my ankle tie flats; I wanted all the focus on the bag so that is why the shoes are so neutral. Finally, to finish off my black and white look, I added the most important piece! A statement purse from Rebecca Minkoff adds an unexpected pop of color and makes the look instantly more fun! Without the bag, this look would be too chic and too sophisticated for just a walk around the city.  Adding colors can sometimes be painful (I love my black uniform) but it can also be very fun. You push your look to something unexpected. Even if it is just a pop of color bag, at least it’s something! Fashion is always about pushing your limits. After all, it’s just clothes.

Get My Look: 1. A striped shirt that makes you feel confident! 2. A cool skirt. 3. A bag the color of your favorite candy.