STYLE GURU STYLE: "I Woke Up Like This"

February 2nd, 2016 at 2:10am

As an aspiring Fashionista, I am constantly looking for inspiration through the current trends depicted by notable designers. Of course, once I find a trend that catches my eye, I immediately make it my own by dressing it up. With all the stylish trends I decide to incorporate as my own, the one thing I always look for are classic yet effortlessly put together looks. The sleepwear look shown by Givenchy for its spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection is the perfect balance of effortless class with a feminine touch, which I am currently fascinated with!

The look I created is my interpretation of the sleepwear looks created by Givenchy. I decided to go with a floral print camisole dress to create a focal point and create some depth within the outfit. I chose to stay away from bold and bright colors to keep the calmness and elegance of the sleepwear look intact. The gray, sheer kimono was added to cover up more and give it the illusion of an elegant robe; however it doesn’t take away from the comfort of my ensemble. A matching choker was the perfect chic accessory to have while still maintaining a minimalist and effortless look. The heels were a must to complete this look and push it past the stage of it just being lounge-wear and into the stage of it being dressed up look.

With this look, people won’t believe you when you tell them “I woke up like this!”

Get My Look: 1. Rose print camisole dress. 2. Gray wide sleeve kimono. 3. Choker.