STYLE GURU STYLE: High-waisted Summer

High-waisted pants have become a staple piece in every Fashionista’s closet for both spring and summer. It is no secret that these have been around for a while now. So, naturally some of you might wonder who was the person behind this trend’s popularity. The answer is Sarah Bernhardt! This gorgeous French actress had a major role in the acceptance of trousers as a part of a women’s daily attire. During the 1890s, she made a bold fashion statement by wearing high-waisted pants out in the open. This was something that only someone with her influence could achieve. She was extremely popular and was considered one of the best in her field. Fast-forward to 2015 and the fashion industry still remembers her iconic contribution. Now, we can enjoy the different perspectives of many designers around the world.

My favorite for the spring and summer season 2015 was definitely Edeliene Lee. I think that her collection is something really special. She has great designs, and she also considers that each one is a piece of art. She focuses a lot on the foundation of her collection and the differences among the looks is what makes her work cohesive. Her ready-to-wear spring 2015 collection was very different from what is usually expected from her. She switches her color palette to give the outfits a pop of color. I believe that this only shows that as a designer, she can definitely keep you interested in the new ideas she can bring to the table. My favorite look was a pair of bright yellow high-waisted pants with a white top. I believe it embodies the spirit of summer in a perfect way. It encourages people to lose fear and play with color.

As you can tell, this designer clearly inspires me. I used that as a starting point for a Sunday outfit. I picked out my green high-waisted pants and paired them with a white graphic crop top. This look is a good choice for summer because it provides you with comfort and the ability to stay fresh during hot days. I chose the graphic crop top because I wanted to make this outfit fun and a bit more casual. This way, I could enjoy having lunch with my family and running some last minute errands. In these situations, it is easy to go for just comfort and leave fashion aside. This is something I’m trying to avoid. To style this outfit, I also included a cross-body drawstring handbag, a pair of Ray-Ban ‘’Erika’’ brown gradient sunglasses and pair of gold earrings with red and turquoise stones. I highly recommend anyone to indulge in this trend. It is very stylish, and it also has the ability to be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted pants. 2. A graphic crop top. 3. A drawstring handbag.