STYLE GURU STYLE: Gushing Over Gaultier

I recently discovered Jean Paul Gaultier and his spring 2015 Couture runway collection. His theme for this show was a different, more alternative bridal look. Some models graced the runway with angelic tulle and white gossamer, while others marched in tailored suits and denim. One look that I found particularly relatable was an outfit with a gold jacket, gold details and flowing black pants that were tapered at the bottom. The look was one of the simpler ensembles that followed a two-toned concept and was a little more tomboy.

My interpretation of this masculine and feminine combination was to stick to three basic colors instead of two; black, white and tan. Still, I tried to follow the same general formula. I liked the idea of simplicity and wore my favorite black pants that are tapered at the bottom, a gold necklace for that shiny detail and a cheetah print cardigan. I had white on top and white underneath. Black cheetah spots connected with my black pants and boots. Finally, the tan on my cardigan kept it neutral. I felt that this look was layered enough to keep me warm, simple enough to wear to classes and still followed Gaultier’s tomboy-inspired, fun design.

Gaultier’s runway show gave me plenty of ideas for pushing the boundaries in my own wardrobe and introduced me to some awe-inspiring designs as well as simple, relatable trends.

Get My Look: 1. A printed, colored cardigan. 2. Tapered pants, or joggers. 3. A gold accessory for that shiny detail.