STYLE GURU STYLE: Grungy Sophisticated

Two words: evening denim. Roberto Cavalli finished up his spring 2015 ready-to-wear show with such an intriguing concept. Evening denim is a play on the more formal side of denim pieces, which seeks to shed a whole new light on boyfriend jeans. Typically, denim is associated with a more casual nature. This runway look challenges this norm by showing us that ripping holes in our jeans does not always constitute a destruction of a fundamental article of fashion.

I am a big believer in boyfriend jeans and I experiment with this trend in my own style almost every day. I paired my distressed boyfriend jeans with more formal pieces. I went for some grungy, strappy, wedges and an oversized patterned shirt. I embellished the outfit in typical formalwear fashion via accessorizing by wearing rings and bracelets. I topped off with a mellow pink lip; this look truly embraced Roberto Cavalli’s notion of “evening denim” in my own style.

Cavalli showed the fashion world that boyfriend jeans are not just the sweatpants of the denim world. With their loose, relaxed fit and typically distressed texture, it’s no wonder that they have earned the label of being comfy and casual. Juxtaposing contrasting pieces from different styles of fashion has been a hot trend. Roberto Cavalli affirmed this and showed us that we should never feel limitations in the way that we dress. After all, experimentation is key to creating new trends in the fashion world, and I am definitely a firm believer in this!

Get My Look: 1. Large, flowy Top. 2. Distressed boyfriend jeans. 3. Grunge wedges.