Even though we have just made it through February, this past month has gotten me BEYOND excited for fall 2016. Surprisingly (not), it’s not the promise of a new semester that’s gotten me excited for next autumn. Rather, it’s the insanely gorgeous runway shows I’ve been following during fashion month, and the fall 2016 styles I already can’t wait to rock. As for some of my favorites, I’ve been obsessed with Rachel Zoe’s ready-to-wear collection, as well as Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini’s velvet-filled, jewel toned and pastel collection. However, one runway that I’m already taking inspiration from is the Diesel Black and Gold ready-to-wear show, and the inspiration I’ve drawn has led to a new favorite outfit of mine.

The show was filled with dark turtlenecks and black boots, two of my absolute favorite items. The show heavily featured skirts, but it’s still way too chilly in Pittsburgh to be comfortable in a skirt. For my take of the Diesel Black and Gold collection, I opted for a black turtleneck, with high waisted jeans, black boots and gold accessories.

The turtleneck was a look straight from the runway, and it’s a go-to of mine for any days I want to feel wrapped up and cozy in class. I went with jeans since it’s still winter, as I mentioned above, but this look would also totally work with either a black skirt or a denim button-down skirt. My black and gold belt was originally just for the practical use of keeping my jeans high on my waist, but I then decided to stick with the gold theme throughout my accessories. The runway show itself features lots of black belts with gold hardware, and this H&M version did the job for my look. I went with fairly large gold studs, so such a small detail wouldn’t get lost in my mass of crazy curls.

As for my shoes, I went with my old standby platform booties. These babies have seen better days, but I just can’t give them up. Topshop, you did well. A few of the runway looks featured platform boots, and I think they genuinely complete any outfit. The outfit itself is fairly tight, so to make it looser and more casual, high-waited jeans could totally be an option as well with this look.

took Runway shows aren’t always realistic when it comes to outfit inspiration (but actually, where can I get my hands on a new Versace choker?), so it’s important to draw on a few little details from the shows, and put your own spin on things in order to create an outfit that’s truly you.

Get My Look: 1. Black turtleneck. 2. Belt with gold hardware. 3. Platform booties.