STYLE GURU STYLE: Gold Embroidery

While searching for the inspiration to create a perfect holiday look I came across Valentino spring 2015 couture collection and couldn’t take my eyes from the monitor.

What is a perfect holiday look? Everyone imagines a different outfit. This holiday season, I ended up finding a more chic version of something special I had in mind online and got inspired to go shop and create something similar to what Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli designed for Valentino.

The collection was inspired by Marc Chagall. When I personally think of the art of a Vitebsk born artist, I imagine the abundance of gold. However in Chagall’s paintings gold was never the representation of the luxuriousness, as most of us think of it right now, but the representation of a peasant life and the richness of gold in nature.

While creating my perfect holiday outfit I wanted to keep several things in mind after I watched the runway show. Firstly, I wanted my outfit to be feminine just as Valentino’s silhouettes. Secondly, I wanted to incorporate lace or embroidery as the main eye catcher of my look. Finally, I enjoyed the variety of styles of tops in the collection, but decided to go with a low V-neck one for my personal outfit.

To find something as delicate as the Valentino designers have created is not very hard in Boston: have your credit card ready and you are in a shopping paradise! However, the reality is that I personally will never find an occasion in my ordinary college freshman life to wear something as exceptional as a Valentino gown. Truth be told, I was looking for something “special” for a rather casual movie date with a not so casual dinner date. The night eventually ended in a local Christmas fair and a marketplace. So I did take a picture with the tree!

With my silk bodysuit, delicately embroidered gold skirt, which is currently on sale, and classy black heels I felt both festive and feminine. Happy holidays!

Get My Look: 1. Embroidered circled skirt. 2. Silk wrap bodysuit. 3. Gucci platform pump. 4. Clutch.