The recent runway show from Armani Prive spring 2015 couture collection was stunning, breathtaking and inspiring. The colors of each ensemble were very subtle and light, reflected by the elegant use of watercolor. Besides the simple, light-toned colors, I loved the textures that were wholly crisp and clean. It made me wish that it were sunny every day so that I can just tuck in a dress and walk around with the wind blowing away the silhouette. Admittedly, flowy dresses are a bit tricky to pull off, but with the right material and color, it is definitely possible to look fabulous.

So, today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. The texture on this dress is extremely silky and soft. I felt very comfortable wearing the dress and it helps that it’s very easy to slip in and out of. I opted out of wearing a V-neck and went for an oval-shaped neck to accentuate the collarbone. Next, the small silver belt helps contrast with the heaviness composed by the dress’s pattern, balancing the layers out. Finally, I chose a different color as opposed to a typical bland cream. Blue was my choice because I thought it would contrast well with the accessories I had on.

Overall, this spring 2015 show inspired me to be bolder with textures and stay within one color. The result turned out very well—better than expected! This style is definitely an attention grabber. I just love the look and will emulate this trend more in everyday wear.

Get My Look: 1. A Christian Dior turquoise clutch. 2. The perfect matte pink lip. 3. A pair of dangling gold earrings.