STYLE GURU STYLE: Glamourous Globetrotting

Post Valentine’s Day gloom got you down? I spent the evening making truffles and watching The Notebook—it was a fabulous evening, I might add. Who needs boys? If you, like I, had a rather uneventful Hallmark holiday, fret not. New York Fashion Week is upon us.

My favorite line is Rachel Antonoff’s fall 2015. The looks are schoolgirl-esque, with empowering details. Did you see the anatomical screen tees? Crazy original and empowering. Her simple trouser and tee combos easily transition from classroom to a night outing.

I channel her simplistic, clean cut silhouettes with my own J.Crew high-wasted cigarettes. In Antonoff fashion, I keep the look’s character tucked away in accessories. With my watch’s globe face, my Aztecan statement necklace and my long-brim fedora, I sprinkle personal touches throughout my minimalistic outfit. The accessories typify a traveler’s eclecticism, conveying my admiration for unique, flea market finds. When I dress myself, I like cohesive looks, so I swapped Antonoff’s oxfords for a woven, platform sandal. It carried the world wanderer vibe straight to my toes.

Like Antonoff, I have a basic starting ground, trousers and a tank. However, my additions interact with one another in order to individualize the minimal combination. I touch upon scholastic classic but incorporate international bohemia by mixing my pieces with thoughtful, themed accessories.

Get My Look: 1. A statement necklace. 2. A basic T-shirt. 3. A fun pair of sandals.