It’s that time of year when one half of the day feels like it’s below freezing temperatures and the other half is sweltering hot. I love that the weather is finally starting to warm up again, but up until recently, it’s always been a struggle for me to dress comfortably when the weather is so back and forth.

After tons of trial and error, I found a few outfits that work best for me. My favorite of them all being long sleeves on top and shorts on the bottom.

For this particular outfit I chose my new favorite crew neck top. I love the infamous millennial pink color and the oh-so inspirational quote, not to mention how lightweight the material is. It’s super comfortable to wear even when the sun is shining bright.

Because being comfortable is my number one priority, I went with baggier, boyfriend style shorts. Not only are they the comfiest pair of denim I own, but anything and everything boyfriend style is in at the moment.

On this gloomier day, I opted for a pair of my favorite sneakers just in case Mother Nature decided to let it pour down. On warmer days, you can switch out sneakers for your favorite pair of sandals.

To top it all off, I paired my outfit with a modern day version of the ’90s tattoo choker we’ve all come to know and love. I kept my favorite mirrored sunglasses nearby just in case the sun wanted to make an appearance. Last but not least, I chose my favorite bookbag purse to keep all of my essentials in.

Overall, this is what I found works best for me when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind—all around comfort, yet still making a statement.