For this look, I was inspired by the structured, simplistic and also subtly feminine ready-to-wear rag & bone pre-fall 2016 collection.  rag & bone never fails to present those clean lines that, as somewhat of a minimalist, I am always inspired by, and this collection did not disappoint. The display of cleanly tailored pants and almost preppy detailing makes the entire collection.The muted tones of black, forest green and powder blue are always an added plus to those like me who are “afraid” of bright colors. The major trend to take away from this collection would have to be clean, structured lines with an added feminine flare.

As someone who dresses pretty simply, this trend of structured lines did not seem to challenge my aesthetic all that much. Instead, the difficult task lies in how to translate this minimalist style into something feminine without it being too obvious. There is a real art in creating a sporty and nearly masculine look with a subtle feminine essence. And this art has been mastered by rag & bone time and again.

I attempted to take on this challenge with feminine accessories. The sweater I chose has clean lines and reinforces the trend concept with the color blocked stripes.  The pants are simple, tailored and go along with the color scheme of the inspired collection. Both of these articles present clean lines and are not necessarily characterized as feminine, so I decided to add some flats to romanticize the outfit a bit.  When I consider what feminine fashion looks like, I immediately think of flats. They are so delicate and I always think they make my outfits look a little less sporty. Those flats paired with a few bracelets and minimalist rings really sway the look from sporty to ladylike.

Get My Look: 1. A minimalist sweater. 2. Tailored black jean. 3. Lace-up flats.