Trench coats, shimmer, lace, feathers, fur, men’s pajamas, chunky knits, tuxedo dresses…yup, that’s Michael Kors for you. His fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection that was showcased in this past New York Fashion Week was exceptional and absolutely breathtaking. His combination of different textures and elements, the feminine silhouettes with just the right amount of masculinity and his personal twist on classic pieces, all led to a collection that undoubtedly had everyone talking. Leave it up to Michael Kors to create a collection that screams innovative, fresh and classic and you’ll get nothing less.

All the pieces featured in the collection were unique and appealing in their own way, but as always, I had a few ones that particularly caught my eye and made me wish they could magically appear in my closet (if only). Yes, I’m obviously talking about the fur jackets that have made go crazy over the fur trend even more than I used to. Fur was incorporated in many different ways in this collection, but the jackets that came down the runway simply blew my mind.

Fur jackets have always been timeless staple winter pieces. Period. Their ability to keep you warm, dress up any outfit—literally, ANY outfit—and completely alter your look and style, have made them extremely desirable pieces than no one can wait to get their hands on…or at least, I know I can’t. Lately fur jackets have been everywhere and I absolutely love seeing how different people with different styles incorporate them into their outfits and rock them in their own way.

Feeling inspired by this collection, I decided to put together a look that would allow my favorite fur jacket to draw all the attention and do the talking for me. I kept the overall outfit simple by just pairing a plain black sweater dress with black tights. My favorite black ankle booties added that extra touch of femininity and also conformed to the overall monochrome of the outfit. In came my beige and black two-textured faux fur jacket which completed the look and took it to a whole new level of chic, elegant and classy and I was ready to go. For accessories I decided to add a black choker with silver details, a few rings (of course) and a black studded purse to add edginess and that extra detail to the outfit.

Michael Kors, you’ve outdone yourself this time. Thanks for making me fall in love with fur even more, because now I actually have an excuse to wear it more often. Well done, you’re amazing.

Get My Look: 1. Two tone faux fur jacket. 2. Choker. 3. Black booties.