STYLE GURU STYLE: Floridian Florals

My outfit choices are often influenced by my inspirations and I was extremely inspired by the Suno resort 2015 collection. The collection was riddled with bold florals, two-piece looks, stripes and various outfits that played on proportions. There were beautiful colors weaved throughout the collection like soft pinks, baby blues and bold red hues. There was also a lot of pattern mixing like stripes and florals. The way that proportions were utilized for this specific Suno collection made every look seem so avant-garde and fresh. The collection was altogether cohesive and extremely cool reminding, me of my South Floridian roots and the beaches of Miami.

After falling in love with the Suno resort 2015 collection and bursting with outfit inspiration, I decided to translate the vibe of the collection into my wardrobe. I wanted to mimic the floral theme in a look all my own. I chose a two-piece floral outfit consisting of a matching crop top and circle skirt. The outfit featured bright pink hibiscus flowers and green leaves channeling Miami vibes and spring break all in one. I finished off the look with a gold chain necklace, wayfarers and a fun hat.

Speaking of Miami, I decided to wear this look on a visit to the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Wynwood is a section of Miami filled with blocks upon blocks of beautifully painted and graffitied walls and garage doors. This hip area could get anyone’s creative juices flowing. It was so fun exploring this area for the first time and getting to wear my Suno-inspired outfit. The outfit I wore was so representative of Miami and Florida itself, and really reminded me why I love my home state so much.

Get My Look: 1. A floral two-piece outfit. 2. Wayfarer sunnies. 3. A floppy hat.