STYLE GURU STYLE: Floral Fantasy Child

July 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

Inspired by Stella McCartney resort 2016, I thought I’d give the floral trend a fresh touch. Floral patterns are usually soft and feminine to the eye. But that’s not the route I was going for. I wanted to wear something a little more intriguing. So where did I find a unique piece for the summer? Target.

Who would’ve thought that such an interesting piece would turn up in the same place where you can buy your bread and milk? Now that’s what I call convenience. The Phillip Lim for Target collection is filled with structured dresses. Just like the material used in Stella McCartney’s line, the fabric is stiff. Strong winds are no match for this dress. It doesn’t move unless you tug at it!

I thought that my lace-up, gladiator sandals were perfect. The side of the shoe reminds me of a butterfly’s wing which of course, complement the flowers on my garment. Now, to get to my favorite accessory of the week. The dragon-shaped cuff earring is what really gives this outfit the final touch. I get a small Japanese feel from this golden accessory. Good thing it doesn’t blow fire.

This may be hard to believe. I am not wearing any foundation at all. I used a contour kit from Ulta to give my face some dimension. Dark plum lipstick in the summer. Why not? The white strip of eyeliner I put on the water-line of my eye is waterproof. I wanted my pupils to look dilated like characters often found in anime cartoons. As if this ensemble isn’t theatrical enough!

Get My Look: 1. Abstract floral dress. 2. Tall gladiator sandals 3. Dragon ear cuff.