STYLE GURU STYLE: Feminine Menswear

Antonio Berardi‘s latest runway show was a hit. Berardi paired dresses and skirts with masculine blazers and sweaters, twisting the already popular menswear look into one that’s now feminine and bold. By implementing patterns with menswear a fun and girly touch can be added. I loved the overall look enough that I wanted to try it out myself!

Looking through all the patterned dresses, skirts and pants in my closet, I finally found a dress that would be suitable for my version of this look. I decided to go with a geometric pattern, because it can be used during both the summer and winter seasons.

I thought this look could be great for a cocktail party, so in order to keep it formal, I kept to black and white for a classier touch. Adding an oversized coat or blazer tops off the menswear inspired look, which is also perfect for keeping warm during the winter. A long night in heels isn’t going to be the most comfortable either so I decided to switch heels out for wedges. Wedges look just as cute and can be used for all sorts of occasions. I also put on a bright red lipstick to add just the slightest pop of color, but not enough that it takes away from my outfit.

This showed me how to take menswear to the next level and that it is suitable for women to wear. So next time you’re at your favorite store don’t be afraid to take a look in the men’s section. You’ll be surprised what you find!

Get My Look: 1. Oversized coat 2. Wedge boots 3. Patterned dress