STYLE GURU STYLE: Feminine Florals

I’m sure that the majority of my fellow Fashionistas can relate to my sudden peaked interest in runway styles in the last few weeks, thanks to the constant Fashion Week updates on Snapchat. In my wave of fashion inspiration, I discovered the recent Dolce&Gabbana show and fell in love. First of all, the theme of the catwalk was mothers, and it included nearly a dozen mothers with their children; one model even walked six months pregnant—you go, Glen Coco. Aside from the adorable, chubby cheeked munchkins on stage, this show really caught my eye because of the dainty, feminine styles including lots of pinks and florals, which I have been loving as we enter into spring.

So today I did my best to incorporate some of the styles I saw in these runway photos into an outfit I might wear to any occasion, be it class or dinner out. To keep things feminine and classy, I chose a nude pair of flats to cover my toes with a cropped pair of skinny jeans. On top, I threw on a thin sweater with a faint floral print repeated throughout. Lastly, I put in a pair of dangly earrings for a little extra pizzazz and threw my hair up in a pony, mostly for the purpose of keeping my hair out of my face but also to keep things girly. My instinct this semester has had me going for more grunge, bold outfit choices, but in my most recent shopping trip, I’ve noticed more feminine pieces than usual, and I can’t wait to wear them out and about!

This fall 2015 show has inspired me to get back to my roots and flaunt what my mama gave me—in the most graceful, feminine way possible. I am excited to mix things up from my usual, more tomboy-esque looks and see what I can do with all this floral this spring.

Get My Look: 1. Cropped skinny jeans. 2. Nude flats. 3. A floral sweater.