Daring to be different with my fashion choices has always been something I enjoy doing. That’s why the pre-fall 2015 runway show from Emilio Pucci was unforgettable in my eyes. It was a true inspiration to view his collection. His designs painted the runway with vibrant colors and texture diversity, leaving each look with a strong personality. It was not just the color and texture that I loved about this show; I loved the way each design contained a unique piece of clothing that added spunk to each outfit. This particular technique is a fashion favorite for me. Between the fur coats and the over-sized hats, I couldn’t help but fall more and more in love with Emilio Pucci. This runway show has opened my eyes to so many new ways to be different with my wardrobe choices.

Emilio Pucci showed that it doesn’t take much to add a little personality to an outfit. One of my absolute favorite looks from the pre-fall 2015 runway show revolved around a fur coat. This is why I decided to focus in on adding a fur coat to spice up my own personal style. By pairing the coat with a simple and chic gray turtleneck, it allowed the look to scream with personality without being overbearing to the eye. In my eyes, no outfit is complete without an accessory. However, because the fur is such a bold focal point, I did not want to add anything that would make the outfit too loud. That is why I decided to go with a little waist detail. I took a vintage silk scarf and created a bow to tie the outfit together. It was easy to do and truly completed the vision I had for this look.

I am so excited I was able to convey the wonderful designs by Emilio Pucci into my everyday look and share it with my fellow Fashionista/os! This look is easy to do and is a fun way to keep your wardrobe a little bit funky.

Get My Look: 1. A funky fur coat. 2. Simple high rise skinny jeans. 3. A fun pair of heels.