STYLE GURU STYLE: Falling In Love With Fur

When it’s all wet and cold outside and the snow is piling up, us Fashionistas/os have very few options to keep us feeling fabulous and fashionable. That’s why my favorite trend this time of year is none other than a fabric that can double as a luscious blanket: fur.

Taking inspiration from Givenchy’s pre-fall 2016 line, I paired a luxurious fur coat over very simple pieces to emphasize the coat as much as possible, just as Givenchy did. I also stuck to neutral colors for a more sophisticated, polished look. I am kind of obsessed with this new line and its fresh vibe.

For my top I wore a cropped salt-and-pepper top from Express which added awesome contrast to the coat. For bottoms I just wore simple black leggings from Forever 21 and a pair of tall black boots with quilted detailing on the back. For a fun little detail I wore some Christian Dior look-a-like sunglasses that I got at a street vendor in New York City. Last but obviously most important, I threw on my favorite faux fur coat from Forever 21.

Without the coat, this outfit would obviously be majorly boring. That’s the amazing thing about fur! It’s glamorous enough to pull the whole outfit together without needing multiple accessories. It truly speaks for itself and gives a total glam vibe all on its own. Even if you don’t want to be super bold in your outfit, you can find ways to incorporate fur into your #OOTD!

Get My Look: 1. Any fitted neutral top and bottom. 2. Some wild sunglasses. 3. A very glamorous coat.