STYLE GURU STYLE: Editor-In-Training

I would be lying if I said that my favorite thing about fashion wasn’t the sheer fact of getting to play dress up any day I please. My ability to transform myself into any type of person that I so feel on that particular day is something that gives me great joy. Whether my mood is dark and edgy or lighthearted and laid-back, I can always count on clothes to fit the persona I am feeling on that day.

And with the recent occurrence of fall Fashion Week, my mind has been dreaming of the incredible style that graced the streets of Milan and Paris. Bloggers, models and style editors alike dress their absolute best for these occasions and it has become somewhat of a pass time of mine to scroll through street style websites and soak in whatever type of inspiration I can gather.

On this particular day, I raided my closet and dressed up as if I were an important style editor stepping out during Fashion Week. But let’s be honest, that is a dream I’ve always had. This look from the kate spade new york fall 2014 ready-to-wear line perfectly embodies my vision for an over-the-top statement-making ensemble. It features loud pink trousers, a sleek printed blouse and a black jacket, oh-so-cooly draped over the model’s shoulders (the hallmark of an editor’s wardrobe), all with the kate spade signature bubbly and girly style.

Okay, so I would obviously never wear something like this out in real life; it’s just not that practical. But I’m of the opinion that fashion should be more of an expressive art form at times and less of a practical matter. At least this is what I tell myself when I walk out of the house wearing three statement pieces and sky high platforms. No judgement here, just young Fashionista and style editor in the making.

Get My Look: 1. Statement making trousers. 2. A jacket cape (or just a jacket, worn as a cape). 3. Your favorite black heels, to add a glam factor.