In the description for Adam Lippes‘ pre-fall show, Vogue discusses Lippes’ inspiration for this collection. Lippes noticed that the word ‘ease’ was synonyms with words like ‘luxury’ and ‘peace.’ In his collection, he tried to emphasize the idea that luxury in fashion does not have to be complicated and overdone. Instead, it can be simple and comfortable.

This collection spoke to me because of how it dispels the myth that high fashion cannot be highly comfortable. If any of your friends are trying to trick you with this idea, show them this collection. Fashion is fluid. It has many threads and vibes, and many of these threads and vibes are comfotable.  In my translation, I chose to maintain a sense of luxury in my outfit with this Banana Republic Monogram coat. Pairing the coat with a casual Zara T-shirt not only contrasts the sleekness of the coat, it also simultaneously lets the wearer move freely and comfortably. That means that this look is perfect for strutting your street style and for Netflix binging on the couch.

The best part about this look is that it is extremely versatile. I chose to add a sporty element to my outfit by adding my clean, white Nike Roshes, but this look also could have worked with a pair of fierce heels or pointy flats. Even with the addition of a pair of sneakers, this look still looks sophisticated enough for people to stop and stare. This look proves that polished and chic does not have to be limited to heels and dresses.

Get My Look: 1. Banana Republic coat. 2. Zara T-shirt. 3. Nike Roshes.