STYLE GURU STYLE: Easy and Breezy

To be honest, I only dress in “real clothes” half the time and as the semester gets closer to the end, the number of T-shirts in my dirty laundry pile increases exponentially. I blame college.

My favorite outfits revolve around things I can wear in the fall or winter, but in the springtime, when Texas weather bleeds sunshine one day and is pouring rain and freezing the next, outfits get difficult.

I typically lean toward darker colors because it’s what I like, but in the warmer weather, I try to keep it brighter. Even then, I stick to a lot of neutral, toned down colors and sometimes add something more colorful here and there. I also tend to stick to basic pieces that can be worn in completely different styles.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a basic pair of high-waisted jeans with holes at the knees, and a relaxed, blue plaid shirt tucked in a bit and rolled up at the arms. I love this shirt because it’s so oversize compared to the tight jeans and it looks like denim, but the fabric is cool and wearable in warmer weather.

I rolled my jeans a bit and put on navy blue booties because I don’t think I know how to not wear booties anymore since I can wear fuzzy socks with them. For accessories, I broke up my monochromatic outfit by putting on some really rad, pink reflective sunglasses and a pink striped belt from F.H. Wadsworth. The belt breaks up all the blue very nicely and makes it look like I tried harder.

Something else I like experimenting with in my outfits is mixed patterns. I wouldn’t go as far as mixing a cheetah print with a zebra print, but, hey, to each his own. I find it’s easier when one piece is smaller or more subtle. The striped belt is such a basic pattern and so much smaller than the shirt that it actually flows nicely with the plaid.

In the spring, easy and breezy is my way to go when I wear an outfit that I didn’t wake up in. Mix some patterns, put on your best shades, and go conquer the world.