Blizzards start to hit central Illinois, but all I can think about is the upcoming spring season. I can’t wait to break out my spring dresses and be able to show bare legs. However, with winter in full swing it’s hard to think about the warmth being only a few months away. This week, the Chalayan pre-fall 2015 runway show was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. This collection introduced looks that show skin and even dresses—my dream outfit on these ice cold days. I was immediately drawn to the looks that made me forget the falling snow and hope for blooming flowers.

For me to get this look, I started with a simple dress that had some ruffles on the side. This dress was the perfect piece to mimic the look that I was going for, but this was just the beginning. Although I want to deny it, it is still winter and a dress was not going to cut it for this below-zero day. I added tights and a sweater for a more weather-appropriate outfit. Then, added additional accessories to really make the look my own. I added boot cuffs, combat boots and a black knit hat—some of my personal favorites!

When going for runway looks make sure to use them as a base. Build off of them. Add your own personality; your favorite pair of earrings or your comfiest sweater. Expand your fashion sense by making your own outfits, and never be afraid to be different.

Get My Look: 1. Simple dress. 2. Boots. 3. A neutral hat.