This winter season has been one of my favorites, not only because it has felt like an actual winter here in California, but also because the turtleneck trend has been going strong. I first fell in love with the trend when I saw multiple fashion lines showcasing it. My favorite line from New York Fashion Week fall 2015 was by Victoria Beckham; I love how she showcased the trend with chunky knits and feminine silhouettes. I then realized that I needed to hop on this trend immediately because it’s definitely the one to watch this season.

As much as I love a good turtleneck, I thought I would take this trend and make it my own by using a simple white mock neck shirt. The mock neck is pretty much the sibling of the turtleneck, but the neck isn’t as high up, offering a really feminine and soft vibe. I love this mock neck because it adds crispness and elegance—plus, it really goes with everything.

I styled my white mock neck shirt with a classic denim jacket for some extra warmth, along with a pair of black high-waisted jeans. These items are so simple, but together they make a really strong and trendy outfit. I also added a Western buckle belt and tucked my shirt in a bit, just to add a little oomph. It really made all the difference and made my outfit stand out. I love how this outfit is so simple, but still so chic.

Get My Look: 1. A simple mock neck shirt. 2. A denim jacket. 3. A pair of black high-waisted jeans.