STYLE GURU STYLE: Don't Waist Your Time, Add A Belt

Taking a little inspiration from Burberry’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear show, I thought I’d incorporate my favorite aspects of it into my everyday outfit. We all know that winter is the time when we pile layer on top of layer just to stay warm. Sometimes that means we can barely tell where our scarf ends and our sweater begins. Burberry has mastered the art of not too little, but not too much. No matter how many layers each outfit had, the collection utilized everything from long trench coats to printed, oversized ponchos and in some cases, flowing scarves over simple garments. To give the silhouette more depth, the designer added a belt around the waistline to give shape to the garments and create a more hourglass figure that all of us ladies love.

Seeing how they were able to layer multiple garments and accessories while not going too over the top enticed me. I gave it a try by combining a few newer items in my closet with a few winter staples. I started with a simple sack dress I recently purchased that was very loose and allowed me to play around with options. I added a black long sleeve shirt underneath since it is a bit colder and the dress had no sleeves. I then placed one of my favorite graphic scarves on top. Taking what I saw from the runway show, I grabbed a neutral belt with a little embellishment and added it to the middle to cinch my waistline. It helps to break up some of the monotonous grays and blacks throughout the rest of the outfit. It also helps complement the studded booties by adding a little more glam. Just like they did in the Burberry show, I tucked the scarf underneath the belt to create the illusion that it was a separate garment. I chose to keep the rest of the outfit pretty basic and added a printed scarf because it allowed me to experiment with different patterns and colors.

The fall 2014 show inspired me to try and utilize garments and accessories in a new way. In addition, it forced me to experiment with what was already in my closet. I like this look because it showed a different perspective on layering and how to create a great outfit that’s more than just bulky sweaters piled on top of one another. I also found it to be very practical because many of us wear scarves during the winter and somehow find ourselves wearing them throughout the entire day, too. With this trick, there is a simple and fashionable way to incorporate your scarf into your outfit in a way many may not expect.

Get My Look: 1. A simple sack dress. 2. A graphic scarf. 3. An embellished belt.