STYLE GURU STYLE: Deep Hues and Little Boots

As we begin the long transition from a California summer into a California “fall,” I start to transform my wardrobe from summer staples to easy season cross-overs. While I keep my whites and blacks (which are never ever wrong for any season), I begin swapping my bright tops and strappy sandals for some deeper hues and neutral booties.

Though some time was taken in styling this look, the swing of this V-neck T-shirt makes it look effortless and comfortable. I drew inspiration for this ensemble from Alexandra Michelle’s “Objects Without Meaning” fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Michelle incorporates some of fall’s most famous colors—black, olive, cream—which gave off a “grungy” vibe, according to author Emily Farra. Her minimalist collection allows for a lot of mixing and matching, as well as a blank slate to do some awesome accessorizing—my favorite!

Similar to in this collection, I paired a loose olive V-neck T-shirt from Free People with some black shorts. These are fall colors incorporated into an outfit that still gives off a “summery” vibe! The flow of the top makes it easy for the breeze to cool me off when needed, but shows off my favorite autumn hues. I paired a long, bronze statement necklace to complement the olive color of my top and some nude Lucky Brand booties that I scored from Nordstrom Rack! I love these booties because they’re short, so they’re perfect for the summer to fall transition—they keep my legs from overheating, which is essential!

The combination of these neutral fall colors and summer ensemble make this the perfect transition outfit. Not to mention, it’s a great everyday outfit in this summer heat. If you decide to wear something similar in autumn’s cooler months, try switching black shorts for black jeans and add a slouchy cardigan.

Get My Look: 1. Loose V-Neck. 2. Black denim shorts. 4. Long statement necklace. 3. Nude booties.