STYLE GURU STYLE: Daytime Nightgowns

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ flannel top? The cozy and often oversized button-downs are a winter staple that rival fleece-lined leggings as my cold weather wardrobe favorite. Flannels are versatile pieces; whether you tuck one into your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans or leave it unbuttoned over a simple black dress, you’ve got a quality outfit on your hands. Jenni Kayne‘s pre-fall 2015 collection inspired me to see flannel as more than the fabric of these cozy tops, but something that any item of clothing can (and should) be made of. Featuring everything from oversized flannel cardigans to head-to-toe flannel frocks with matching bell bottoms and tank tops, this collection made me want to raid the nearest consignment shop for unique pieces.

My newfound hunger for flannel was immediately satisfied when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day and saw that Aerie was selling flannel nighties and styling them for daytime wear. I knew right away that I had to have one and this look was born shortly after. On top of my nightie, I layered a baby pink sweater and faux fur vest for warmth. To prevent my look from actually looking like sleepwear, my studded owl necklace provided further clarification. The two most essential accessories in completing the look were a pom-pom beanie and knee-high sweater socks. My legs may have been bare, but the combination of my flannel dress and cozy (excessively long) sweater socks kept them as toasty as staying in bed would have. Lastly, if I were to recommend that everyone go out and buy one winter accessory, it would be a slouchy, neutral colored, knit pom-pom beanie. There are very few outfits that these practical pieces will not compliment and your ears will thank you the second you step outside.

Get My Look: 1. A fun flannel dress or skirt. 2. Sweater socks. 3. A pom-pom beanie.