STYLE GURU STYLE: Coziness at It's Best

Sick of the cold weather? There is one way to combat the dreariness of winter: cozy clothing. Just because your favorite chunky sweater may not fit the “fashionable” bill doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up! This new street style trend featured on runways around the globe grabbed my attention and prompted me to put my own spin on dressing up one of my favorite winter pieces.

Of course we all want to look like those lanky models strutting the latest designer looks so, why not give it a try of your own? Since this look is all about keeping it cozy and comfy while looking like you just stepped out of (enter city here) Fashion Week, you mustn’t forget your A-list wardrobe piece—and by that I mean the thing you simply can’t live without in these frigid temperatures! For me this would be a big sweater. While I could easily slip on some yoga pants and UGG boots, that just doesn’t seem as appealing…so instead I decided to shake things up a tad.

To add a bit of flare to my basic sweater, I wore a big necklace that I simply can’t resist (jewels are totally my thing). Since this is already quite a big step up, I opted on keeping the rest of the outfit simple. I have on black skinny jeans with a pair of high black boots to complete the outfit. Not only was I warm all day but I felt like quite the rebel pairing a killer necklace with something I would usually wear around the house with sweats. Who knew the combination would be so great?!

This runway trend has inspires me to be more daring in my day-to-day attire, and I hope it inspires you in the same way! If anything we should all be a little more open to trying new things, even though they may scare us. While I don’t think she was referring to fashion, Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” Perhaps she wasn’t talking about our choices in fashion, but it can certainly be applied to this! Get out there and make the world your runway, Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

Get My Look: 1. A thick sweater. 2. Black skinny jeans. 3. A knockout statement necklace.