STYLE GURU STYLE: Coats and Jackets Galore

Oh, Chanel…has there ever been a brand more inspiring, or more fashionably creative than this line? Chanel is still definitely one of the most influential, not to mention oldest, fashion lines around today. Chanel’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear line continues Chanel’s trend of being daringly classy. This particular show focuses on big, poofy coats made out of a plethora of patterned material. The line predominantly features coats made of plaid with pleather-like bows stitched together to form the sleeves. Because of Chanel’s near constant focus on elegance, each coat was paired with some variation of a pencil or A-line skirt which softened the overall appearance of each piece.

This runway trend inspired me to veer away from the basic coats I tend to wear in favor of the higher end coats. I am not sure about you, but before I became the Fashionista I am today I had always assumed I could never wear high-end coats in a casual setting. I always thought such coats were reserved for “fancy” occasions which I rarely had.

I had been eyeballing this beautiful, knee length, pink tweed coat for ages so I finally decided to add it to my ever evolving collection. I paired this coat with a black pencil skirt, a basic white V-neck and my favorite pair of nude pumps for an elegantly casual look.

Coats and jackets are often seen as big, shapeless pieces that tend to force us to sacrifice fashion for the sake of warmth. However, Chanel’s fall 2015 show has proven that this is no longer the case. Fashionistas/os can be warm and fashionable even on the most casual of days.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized/long coat. 2. A form-fitting skirt. 3. The perfect pair of ego-boosting nude pumps.