STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic Chanel

When Uncle Karl tells you to “keep dreaming,” there is no doubt about it, one has to listen to the reigning King of Chanel and follow suit. In the label’s pre-fall 2016 collection, the audience was quite literally teleported into a cool French film noir meets Italian neorealism-themed stage in which the models paraded around in Italian-inspired ensembles. From pearl shoes (literally all pearls), a black and white theme and the classic Chanel suit jacket, this show exuded all of the elements that keep Chanel at the top. These are the reasons why I just had to tackle this theme and attempt to make it my own.

The first thing that inspired the rest of the look was my ancient, but charming, houndstooth tweed mini skirt, which screams Chanel at first glance. This black and white number has carried me through my adolescent years and up to this very moment. It is essential to find a classic skirt that always gives you that iconic and timeless Chanel look.

The movie-inspired fashion show incorporated chokers as an accessory on a handful of models. So, I thought it would be appropriate to include this accessory by throwing on my American Apparel choker top accompanied by my now sold out Neiman Marcus faux fur vest. Thank the universe for Poshmark!

This look would be incomplete without the addition of my funky printed tights that kept me warm as I strutted in these Kelly & Katie lace heeled booties. To bring it all together, I was inspired to pull out my soft pink Sparkle & Fade raincoat to bring more color into the main details of the look. I understand it is not always appropriate to spot a raincoat when there’s no rain to run from, so instead, you may replace my choice with this blush-worthy ’60s-inspired ASOS coat.

Last, but definitely not least, it was required to execute this look with this adorable, petite and chic Michael Kors purse that completed my look. The festive-filled runway show showcased a variety of different looks, but with staple Chanel pieces, it is quite easy to step out onto our modern streets feeling like a ’50s Parisian glam queen. Thanks Uncle Karl.

Get My Look: 1. Coat. 2. Tweed skirt. 3. Choker top.