STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic is Always In

Congratulations on finishing classes! To end my time as a Style Guru for spring 2017, I wanted to show a timeless outfit which is also a bit androgynous—shoutout to the Fashionistos! Here I took some foolproof pieces in my wardrobe like this boyfriend-fit white button-down and blue denim jeans. These two pieces have withstood the test of time and have seen many trends pass by. Classic is timeless!

This brings me to my next point: it is okay to splurge on classic pieces. Like my mom told me, if it is well tailored for you and can be worn for any season, it is worth the price.

I’m not saying more expensive pieces are always better. Sometimes I find wonderful pieces from Gap or H&M. My secret is to look at the tag with the fabric details on it. I try to aim for 100% cotton or denim pieces. As much as I love those trendy polyester pieces, it wears out after a few washes. You’ve got to get the best bang out of your buck!

Back to my outfit, my methodology starts with the essentials in my closet. Once I have a foundation down, I add accessories to give some character to the outfit. Every season, I update my closet with new accessories or shoes. For spring and summer, cat-eye sunglasses are in! Personally, I buy my sunglasses cheap so I do not feel bad if I lose them at the beach or pool (which happens every summer). Also, another trend has been statement earrings, so I had to throw on these silver links. I love adding an edgy element to all my looks. Last are shoes. A neutral-colored shoe is perfect for transitioning into the warmer months. These, in particular, have subtle western detailing.

With that, I wish you guys and gals a happy summer! Most of all, remember to wear SPF!