STYLE GURU STYLE: Cigarette Trousers

As I was surfing the Internet, I came across different ways to wear suits which has been the trend for women this fall and spring. In the Altuzarra spring 2015 runway show, he showed a look that used a cardigan, a button-down and tailored, high-waisted black pants. I have all these items in my closet, and this is the perfect outfit to transition to and is perfect for any occasion. Speaking of occasions, around this time, schools are having different career fairs and interviews for internships that are happening for the spring. So what better way to prepare for interviews than to show you how I took this suit trend and made it my own?

To start, I found a blue and white plaid button-down shirt that was buried in my closet. I took a gray cardigan and only buttoned the last couple holes so it will be easier to tuck in my pants with the button-down shirt. Taking the sleeves of the button-down, I rolled them over the cardigan. My pants were these high-waisted cigarette trousers that are tapered at the ankle. If you don’t have a pair of these—get them. They go with everything, and since I’m using this outfit for interviews, it’s a perfect twist off the traditional straight slacks. I pulled this outfit all together with some simple black heels and wrapped a black belt around my waist.

Take this look from just being an awesome outfit to conquering some interviews. It’s amazing getting inspired from a runway show and using it to spice up a traditional outfit. Hope you have fun trying this look out, and be a boss in those interviews!

Get My Look: 1. A plaid button-down. 2. The perfect long-sleeve cardigan. 3. A pair of cigarette trousers.