STYLE GURU STYLE: Chic In The Streets

As a 20-something-year-old, there comes a time in your life when you must transition from cardigans and leggings to more ladylike attire. You are suddenly going on job interviews that don’t require flipping burgers and out on dates to actual restaurants. Although changes need to be made, it is easy to take an outfit to a more sophisticated level without having to change your entire wardrobe (and without ever looking boring).

A great way to get some fashionable inspiration is by watching your favorite runway shows. I took some of the looks from the Zuhair Murad spring 2016 couture collection to create a realistic and chic look. The Zuhair Murad collection features floral and flirty dresses mixed with a grungy makeup look and chunky hair pieces. This look was easy to take from runway to real life; just take the key elements of the designer and make it your own.

My two piece floral dress gives my outfit a flirty and feminine look, similar to the runway designs. Instead of having a chunky hair piece, I switched it up with a statement necklace and delicate wrist jewelry. I embraced the collection’s lace-up heels shown on the runway with a thick, black heel featuring a tie in the front. I added my own twist on this grunge look with a spunky leather jacket. This look could be worn out to the bars or for a date night with your current bae.

The adult world can be full of blasé, dull and cookie cutter attire that forces you to put aside your fashion sense in exchange for a salary and a cubical; however, you don’t need to give up your sense of style just because you are out of your teens and entering the real world. Keep up the trends while keeping it classy, and you can conquer anything.

Get My Look: 1. A two piece floral dress. 2. A leather jacket. 3. Lace-up heels. 4. A statement necklace.