I’m always late to trend-parties. When everyone skid down the streets in their Heelies, I was the loner who actually had to walk to my destination. When yoga pants first became the pants to wear, I didn’t even have a pair until years later (because who could justify paying $50 for pants? Not my mother) and they were a hideous shade of blue.

Even when that wretched Crocs phase swept up the nation, I was the only one in my fifth grade class without them. Although I felt like the lamest person in the world, I’d like to thank my mother for that one; for I could never live down the shame of having once owned a pair of rubber clogs.

I’ve always been one to pick and choose favorites when it comes to the newest fashion buzz, but I’m not afraid to admit that I, Mari Hinchley, am absolutely in love with the Just Cavalli resort 2017 collection. It’s my dream closet rolled out into one season—complete with leopard-print jackets, dreamy fits, flutter-sleeves and retro-inspired neck scarves, to name a few highlights of the season.

For my twist on the collection, I decided to base an outfit around the neck scarf as Just Cavalli had—and kept some similar components as well, like a denim, A-line mini skirt from PacSun. For the top, I chose a bell-sleeved crop top that was originally purchased from Express, but you can find a similar style at ShopBop. Although this collection was one for clashing bold color palates with patterns, I decided to keep the colors simple—by sticking to the white and blue, I added a black-and-white polka-dot neck scarf, which was simply a piece of cloth that I had received as part of the wrapping on a Christmas gift one year!

This collection has something for everyone to be inspired by; it’s especially perfect for those back-to-school outfits that you haven’t dreamt up yet. Just take one look, and you’ll be infatuated with Just Cavalli, like how I am whenever I drink the first cup of coffee in the morning. You can thank me later.

Get My Look: 1. Bell-sleeved crop-top. 2. Denim A-line skirt. 3. Printed neck-scarf. 4. Heart-shaped sunglasses.