Au Jour Le Jour’s pre-fall 2015 collection could definitely be described as playful. There is a wide range of textures including a mix of silk, fur, leather and denim. The collection is filled with quirky patterns and candy-like colors that could grab the attention of any fashion lover who is secretly a child at heart.

The collection seemly resembles the childhood game of Monopoly. The models are strutting their apparel on what appears to be a giant game board and a pair of dice. The patterns match the well known symbols on the game board including the train, light bulb, diamond ring and parking sign. This collection in particular spoke to me because I believe that we need to be reminded that style is something we shouldn’t take too seriously but rather have fun with. I’m a firm believer that people should wear what they feel like and rock their own style, even if that means dressing as if you just fell out from a board game.

Au Jour Le Jour’s collection became the style inspiration for my look. I paired a black and white cat printed dress with my white bouclé coat. Since it was a bit chilly outside, I topped it off with a pair of thick black tights and booties. After pulling my ensemble together, I felt as though I was lacking much color that was scattered throughout Au Jour Le Jour’s collection. I then decided to finish my look with some unexpected purple lipstick and a top knot.

Get My Look: 1. A cat printed dress. 2. Purple lipstick. 3. An oversized jacket.