STYLE GURU STYLE: Casually Business

As winter break starts to slowly come to an end, college students are mentally, physically and emotionally preparing themselves (we all know how emotional college can make us). Spring semester typically means starting that fancy new internship you dreamed about or, in some cases, deciding if you want to spend your summer doing an internship or just going out with the girls. Regardless of your situation, it’s almost time to trade in that tight black mini dress for something more casual (don’t worry, you won’t need to go out and buy 20 new black suits).

I’m a very firm believer in adding a bit of spice to every outfit. I mean, who ever said a casual day couldn’t be a fun and bright one? Kate Spade didn’t, that’s for sure; her fall 2015 ready-to-wear runway collection was the inspiration behind my outfit. Her collection was a series of casual and chic combined; whether it was a large bow, fur accent or a wild print, each look made a statement.

I decided to go with the classic pant and suit look with a bit of a twist. I paired some gray boyfriend pants with a simple white button-down. I then added a pair of black lace-up flats to create an edgier look. I topped the look off with a pink camouflage jacket to add some color and ease away the business look label a bit. For the accessories, I took notes from Kate Spade and made them my statement pieces. First, I added a chunky necklace to add some sparkle. Then I finished the look off with a fun printed tote bag. Leave it up to Kate Spade to make sure every successful girl has a fun (yet appropriate) outfit for that dream internship.

Get My Look: 1. Lace-up flats 2. Camo jacket 3. A pair of khaki pants. 4. A white button-down shirt.