STYLE GURU STYLE: Call Your Grandma

Call your Grandma, ladies. The must-have accessory this fall and winter are collecting dust in her closet, go get it! Needless to say, I was thrilled yet a bit skeptical when the brooch came back into style on the runway for fall 2015. I’m a true girly girl so I’m strongly enthusiastic about any way to cram a little extra sparkle into my wardrobe. It appeared on Prada’s fall 2015 runway oversized, and then in multiples (like I’m wearing in the photos) in Dolce&Gabbana’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Other designers who featured the brooch include Suno, Edun and Balenciaga. The statement necklace is falling from fame and the brooch is stepping in.

I’m interpreting this trend in multiples so it covers more area on my sweater. I wore two because I wanted it to be the focal point among the sea of chunky knit I’m wearing. I sported a darker lip to contrast the girly feel of the brooches.

To be honest, I saw this sweater on someone I barely know (thanks, Facebook) and spent hours tirelessly searching for it online because I was obsessed. Three hours in and bingo I found it. I love the foldover sweater because it shows off my collar bone like a strapless top would in the summer. It’s super comfortable and was thick enough to withstand the weight of my brooches without them pulling my top down.

Next I grabbed my Minnetonka three layer fringe boots in tan. The fringe boots are my go-to boot for any day I feel like being cozy and honestly a little lazy. In addition, two months into cold weather and I tend to get a little tired of hearing my boots clank so these are a great (quiet) alternative. The boots are the perfect contradiction to my blinged out brooches.

Ready, set, call that Grandma!

Get My Look: 1. A foldover sweater. 2. Comfy fringe boots. 3. Bauble Bar North Star brooch set. 4. Bittersweet Estée Lauder lip color.