Between class, coffee breaks and meetings with professors, it can often be difficult to plan an outfit appropriate for any day’s crammed schedule. Finding the balance between too casual and too formal can become the definition of the struggle “being real.” However, a simple combination of casual pieces with items that are a tad dressier together can make for an outfit that brings with it business casual vibes with a chic and trendy twist.

Akris’ pre-fall 2015 collection includes a variety of business casual looks that feature mostly dark, neutral colors. I love this trend because the designer has taken what is a traditionally masculine look and added a graceful and feminine touch. It is amazing how an ensemble as classic as the pantsuit is able to be revamped virtually every season of fashion into something exciting and new. The capacity of designers to turn staple clothing items into their own personal creations inspires me to do the same with the “same old clothes” that I have hanging in my closet.

My chosen ensemble most closely represents Look 11 of the Akris collection. The runway look combines the solid brown top, pants, belt and oxfords with a black swing jacket. In my outfit, other than the hint of cream from my top, the coloring is consistently dark. My shirt is tucked into black skinny jeans in order to reveal the details of the belt. My outfit is completed with black, lace-up flats and a small black leather purse. Combined, these items create an outfit that is comfortable as well as versatile and fitting for any day-to-day setting.

Get My Look: 1. Swing coat. 2. Lace-up flats. 3. Light blouse.