STYLE GURU STYLE: Broke and Boujee

As the semester nears its end, I find myself eyeing my closet with disdain, and longing for a shopping spree. However, living in Kirksville, Missouri, home to Truman State University, a lonely JCPenney, and a failing shoe store means that my shopping excursions are limited. Being a broke college student doesn’t help my situation. This leaves me with the task of pulling unique outfits together using pieces I’ve owned for a while, as well as the occasional desperate online buy.

The outfit featured here is an ensemble that can be easily modified using items from any closet. The bodysuit I am wearing is a piece I ordered (or more accurately, convinced my boyfriend to order for me) online from Forever 21. I originally thought it was made with a mesh material, but was surprised, and eventually pleased, to find that the material is actually a lightweight stretch cotton. The floral print is a sweet nod to spring and warm weather but the black base color tones the energy down a bit. Bodysuits are great because they’re super easy to pair with other items, and they eliminate the repeated tucking in situation that shirts and blouses bring about.

I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing them with high-waisted jeans, but these tend to make me feel compressed and look like I’m two feet tall. Moreover, my strong devotion to crop tops has made it difficult for me to embrace a variety of pants that aim solely to hide belly buttons. Instead, to better highlight my waist and curves, I paired the bodysuit with my favorite low-waisted jeans, a medium wash skinny jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. I love the fit of these pants and their durability; American Eagle Outfitters jeans never fail me. The shoes I chose are a pair of simple beige flats from Target. They are the second pair of this shoe that I have purchased and subsequently worn to death. Unfortunately, they will soon need to be dumped, but they served me well for this outfit and countless others. I highly recommend investing in a pair of similar shoes that never fail to be comfortable and chic.

Any bodysuit can be used to replicate this outfit, and making slight changes to the look can make it relevant and stylish regardless of the season. As the weather warms, you might choose a bodysuit with short sleeves to replace the warmer option. Try incorporating one with a pattern or bright colors during the summer to bring more energy to your look. Jean shorts and skirts are also a viable substitute for skinny jeans as the temperatures start rising.

Take note of these simple tips and you will be looking put together with minimal effort (and funds) in no time at all!