Fall is right around the corner! If there’s one thing I love more than cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket, Netflix and a cup of coffee, is a fashionable outfit to show off your fall style. Fall and winter styles are the best all year. The more layers you wear, the more clothes you have to show off.

My favorite fall trend is jackets; more importantly, bomber jackets. It’s the best thing to stay warm while looking cool. The bomber jacket is a perfect cherry on top to a slacking outfit to make it look super trendy. Every woman needs a bomber jacket in her closet, no matter the color. This can work for both Fashionistas and Fashionistos. This androgynous look, plain T-shirt and ripped jeans and bomber jacket, can work no matter who wears it. Menswear is all the rage these days.

For me, this outfit was lackluster, but the addition of my favorite bomber jacket made it look put together. The gold accents of the jacket added room for accessories that were gold.

My mother always told me “when you’re wearing gold, you have no room for silver.” And I agree. If you’re wearing gold anywhere, you can’t wear silver. They clash. So since the zippers on this Zara jacket were gold, my accessories were gold.

I paired the gold with a black and gold statement necklace and black and gold bangles. These are the best types of accessories that don’t take away from your outfit—they are positive additions. And might I add, this look is completely comfortable because there is nothing awkwardly fitting about it.

I will admit, a simple gray T-shirt and distressed denim could be chic by themselves, but you want to spice up your look. I added my adidas Originals to tie together the theme of “black and gold” to my outfit.

My advice this week: don’t be afraid to accessorize with your outer layer. It still counts towards your outfit. Maybe you could try a military green bomber jacket and silver accessories. These compliment the colors in a positive way and make your outfit ten times more up-to-date and elegant.