A go-to fashion tip I always resort to is what I call the three C’s: chic, cheap and comfortable. There is nothing greater than finding clothes that are an amazing deal, trendy and you can feel 100 percent confident wearing them. Recently, sporty looks have been something I have grown a liking to. Trying different trends are always a fun experience for me and they make me try new things, because change can sometimes be a good thing.

While adding my own twist to the look, rag & bone’s resort 2016 collection gave me some inspiration on recreating this sporty outfit. Designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright focused their “pre-spring” collection on outerwear which included quilted bomber jackets and boyish-inspired looks. Many of the colors Neville and Wainwright used were neutrals and mainly solid colors with minimal patterns. This collection was to die for and when it comes to getting inspiration from high-end fashion brands, you always want to find the best deals that will help you get the look you saw walking down the runway.

To achieve this collection’s look, I combined a similar bomber jacket with my personal flair of a ribbed crop top and high-waisted jeans to give it a chic vibe. Alongside the sporty look of the jacket, I paired it with some Nike Roshe sneakers. Also, I added dainty rings and a sleek structured mini satchel to the look. While many of the looks in the rag & bone’s collection were minimal, I tried to add texture to personalize the look to my preference. As much as I love minimal looks, I always try to add a few things to make my outfits stand out.

Like I mentioned before, I love a good deal! I snagged the bomber jacket for $20, the crop top for $4.99 and the faux leather purse for 30 percent off, all at Forever 21. Fast fashion stores are the most affordable, trendiest places to go to when you want to stay in style all year-round.

Get My Look: 1. A cool bomber jacket. 2. A crop top. 3. A black satchel purse.