And the award goes to… fashion! It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. It’s award season. That wonderful time of year when you can sit on your couch, turn on E! and ogle over the beautiful Hollywood celebrities walking down the red carpet.

If you’re like me then you stalk your favorite starlets, pick out your favorite dresses, and envision yourself standing there next to Ryan Seacrest explaining how your dress was custom made just for you and what an honor it was just to be nominated. I’m getting carried away. My point is that the best part of award season is not finding out who won, but finding out what they are wearing.

This year at the Grammys, one dress that specifically caught my attention was Miley Cyrus’s black cutout gown. This Alexandre Vauthier ensamble let the traditionally scandalous starlet show off a lot of skin while at the same time making her look bold and sophisticated.

I immediately went online to further research the genius that created such an intriguing gown. Of course, I found that the rest of the Alexandre Vauthier spring/summer 2015 haute couture collection is full of the same show stopping style.

Inspired to try out the look, I made my own attempt at Alaxandre Vauthier style. I am wearing all-black, like most of the pieces on Vauthier’s runway, with patterned tights and a silver studded vest. The vest gives the outfit the same grunge, rockstar vibe as the collection. I added the patterned tights because it brings detail to the bottom half of the ensemble. I added a Bourban and Boweties bangle for a pop of color.

Underneath the vest I have on a textured V-neck crop top. The crop top is mirroring the cutout style that is often seen in the Vauthier collection. This basic piece is great because you can make so many different outfits with it and it’s easy to dress up or down. I also have on a black mini skirt that also works well for day to night use.

Lastly, I am wearing booties that I think pair well with the rest of the ensemble. I have gotten so much use out of these shoes, if you don’t already have a pair of black booties I would highly suggest investing in some.

Get My Look: 1. Black mini skirt. 2. Detailed grunge vest. 3. Patterned tights.